Working virtually might not be for you, especially if you’ve been forced into it by the current global health crisis. But, as someone who’s experienced at working virtually with clients both nationally and internationally, there definitely are professional rewards. And aside from those benefits, there are also great perks. For example:

Commute Time
There isn’t any. That’s right! Not having to battle your way onto a bus or the subway, or sit in a long line of traffic in your car can mean some much needed extra sleep. I’m not suggesting that you sleep until noon. But the fact is, longer hours of sleep can be very beneficial when it comes to productivity– and to fighting anxiety and stress. So, go ahead, be a rebel and set your alarm for eight instead of seven.

PJ Time
Most work-from-home advice tells you to dress as though you’re going to the office, or at least to put on your jeans. But here’s a secret: There’s no rule saying that work cannot be done effectively in your jammies. Similarly, couldn’t your hair use a break from the hair blower?

Snack Time
Perhaps, when you go to the office you find yourself buying expensive coffees and treats. That’s just what everyone seems to do. But, snack time at home offers a whole new world of possibilities, including some in which you’d never indulge, in front of your colleagues. (Peanut butter straight from the jar, anyone?)

Zoom Time
I don’t suggest you slack off work to chat with your friends. But the fact is, when you work virtually you’re still entitled to breaks. So, why not line up FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype calls on your lunch? (Or even gasp, use the old-fashioned telephone.)

In all seriousness, of course there are challenges when it comes to working virtually, especially if you haven’t done it before. So, it’s important to try and be realistic about your personality type and how you can best adapt. Some think that it’s only introverts who enjoy working remotely. But, there’s no reason other personality types can’t do it successfully. You might find it useful to take a look at the Meyers-Briggs free personality types test to clarify your own needs and habits. You can also use it to figure our how you can make the virtual workplace work for you. For example, if you’re an “ESFP” type who thrives on being in the spotlight, you’ll probably want to come up with ideas for online meetings. But beware, that may mean you’ll have to sacrifice some of the perks of working virtually. (Yes, I’m afraid it’s true, you will have to get dressed!)

You can find out more about The Language Lab’s online business communications courses by contacting the Language Lab. And you’ll have the chance to work virtually.

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