Nothing will kill a career faster than incompetent writing. From inappropriate e-mails to muddy PowerPoints to botched reports and presentations, business communications reflect not just on the writer, but on the whole company. You don’t want your hard work to be remembered for the sloppy way your writing was perceived.

Individual CoursesThe Language Lab provides online business communications learning with a difference. The difference is Practice Over Time. Our self-directed courses allow you to come back when you are able to, when you need to and when you’re ready. We’re open 24/7 for you to advance your skills. Instant corrections are provided for some lessons, and personal instructors provide feedback for others. The combination of these methods is the single most effective way for you to master business communications. Simply choose the course you want from the list at left, register for it, and begin any time.

• Half day workshops and one off seminars don’t have staying power. Practice Over Time is still the most effective way to master business communications. The Language Lab’s courses run for ten weeks, letting you retain, reinforce and master what you’re learning.

• Bad writing manners and bad communications distract from the message. Don’t lose the deal for the wrong reason. Stop getting noticed for the wrong reason. Get your message across effectively by mastering Business Communications with The Language Lab.

• E-learning your way to smooth communications: The Language Lab keeps you up to speed with Practice Over Time, the most effective way to learn. Make every word an arrow that hits the target, and not get you into trouble. Make your work effective and your message clear.

• Individual instruction from an online course? YES. With The Language Lab, you not only proceed at your own pace, but real instructors grade your work. Practice Over Time, online: the straightest path to crystal clear communications.

The Language Lab has been perfecting this system of online, e-learning courses and lessons since 2004. It is used by individuals and companies all over North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Managers say it saves them time and aggravation making corrections. Individuals tell us they do much better when no one comes back to them about bad writing. The Language Lab will help you make your words like arrows.