Your company doesn’t have the time or the resources to waste correcting employees’ work. Your business can’t afford the embarrassment of badly composed, inappropriately worded or misaddressed communications. Not only does it lose business, it holds back employees. And it wastes your energy and money.

Corporate CoursesYou’ve probably noticed: there’s no overnight solution. You’ve probably come here because you’ve spent a lot on CDs, seminars and workshops, and still – the problems persist. That’s because the only method that consistently works is Practice Over Time. At The Language Lab, we design a complete package for your company. It consists of online course – e-learning – that your employees can complete on their own time and at their own pace. The business communications tips they receive are invaluable. The instant corrections don’t let them get away with anything. The attention of a real instructor points them in the right direction.
We also provide individual coaching if your employees need it. We assess your employees’ skills; then we design a package for your company. Your employees learn to be effective representatives of your business in a matter of weeks.

The Language Lab has been perfecting this system of online, e-learning courses and lessons since 2004. It is used by individuals and companies all over North America, Europe and the Middle East. Managers say it saves them time and aggravation making corrections. Individuals tell us they do much better when no one comes back to them about bad writing. The Language Lab will help your employees turn their words into arrows.

• Not all business communications courses are the same. CDs, half day seminars and one off workshops don’t work. The Language Lab offers Practice Over Time, the most effective, long lasting solution to business communications concerns.

• The Language Lab is the only business communications course that gives participants the benefit of Practice Over Time. Continual feedback and refinement over ten week courses have much greater and more long lasting effects than self help or one day sessions.

• You know who needs help. You know who is holding you back. You know who makes extra work for you. The Language Lab makes effective, efficient writers of your employees, saving you time and money.

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