Scrabble-type letter tiles spell out the words English, Langauge, Speak, Learn. Used to illustrate the concept of Why Improving Employee ESL Skills is Good Business.

Why Improving Employee ESL Skills is Good Business

The other day I received an email message from a businessman, who is not a native English speaker. He included the following disclaimer after his signature, “Please apologize any spelling mistakes as this message was sent from my mobile phone.” Clearly, this disclaimer is not a solution to his English communication problem; it’s more a…

a vintage cartoon depiction of a media in the form of a man holding a microphone and a scrip

How To Get Results with Today’s Media

I often find that dealing with media seems to fall into two distinct categories– either a slam dunk experience that requires little effort or a scourge to be avoided at all cost. Sometimes, it can be a little of both. The key to media success is to better understand the rules of engagement. Why contact…

a greek statue is used to illustrate the art of persuasion

The Ancient Art of Persuasion

You might not realize how often we rely on the ancient art of persuasion in our everyday lives. But we do it quite often, if you think about it. Some of the most obvious instances, where we do it, are in the work place. For example, we need to be persuasive when we apply for…

word arrangement used to illustrate plain language

Using Plain Language Is The Least You Can Do: Modern Best Practice

I was asked recently, “Isn’t plain language just best practice?” My response was, “Yes, it is.” Plain language principles have represented best practice in communication since Aristotle taught rhetoric. Aristotle presented rhetoric as a practical tool for persuading a general audience, in order to resolve practical issues. Today, we speak about Aristotle’s rhetoric and plain language…

A post it note with the words "Keep it Simple". To illustrate the advice in the blog post about writing for business.

Writing for Business: 5 Tips to Keep it Simple

I wasn’t surprised when I read an article recently saying that our culture is going through a “forgiveness moment.” Lately, it seems every time I hear the news there is someone — a politician, a media figure, a religious leader —apologizing for something. For instance, there was former CBC journalist Evan Solomon apologizing for using…