a vintage cartoon depiction of a media in the form of a man holding a microphone and a scrip

How To Get Results with Today’s Media

I often find that dealing with media seems to fall into two distinct categories– either a slam dunk experience that requires little effort or a scourge to be avoided at all cost. Sometimes, it can be a little of both. The key to media success is to better understand the rules of engagement. Why contact…

a greek statue is used to illustrate the art of persuasion

The Ancient Art of Persuasion

You might not realize how often we rely on the ancient art of persuasion in our everyday lives. But we do it quite often, if you think about it. Some of the most obvious instances, where we do it, are in the work place. For example, we need to be persuasive when we apply for…

How Not to Waste Your Reader's Time

How Not to Waste Your Reader’s Time

Contrary to popular belief that we write less now, because of our reliance on digital technology and our obsession with social media, we are actually writing more. We use the written world to socialize and engage more extensively with others, via Facebook, Twitter, texting, etc. [http://www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/a-new-literacy]. Language and literacy are thriving, not suffering. Although texting…

An illustrated fish jumping at a fishing fly to illustrate The Language Lab's post about a Good Hook.

How to Hook Your Audience: Fry Big Fish

I was flipping through the business section of a national newspaper the other day when a headline stopped me in my tracks. It read: “Frying Big Fish” — not exactly a typical business story headline. It sure grabbed my attention! Even though I have little interest in fishing, I had to read it. I had…