A woman looking at her computer with a RBF (resting bitch face).

“RBF”: Women and Workplace Issues

In the world of LOL, NSFW, and ICYMI, you might think that a new abbreviation wouldn’t attract much attention, let alone provoke a discussion of how women are viewed in the workplace. But not long ago, I heard a term in a CBC interview that not only took me aback, it also made me laugh.…

Man in suit jacket focused on hands, one hand is giving the thumbs up and the other is giving the thumbs down. Used to represent mixed messages.

Communicate Effectively: Avoid Mixed Messages

Earlier this summer I found myself sitting anxiously in stopped traffic on a highway next to an empty HOV lane, newly regulated for Pan Am Games traffic. It made me think about the problem initially created by the “mixed messages” of the Pan Am Games organizers. On the one hand, Torontonians were repeatedly told how…


How to Make Yourself Understood

Image courtesy of Victor1558’s Flickr photostream. The other day I was the guest on a CBC radio show, Ontario Today. I was invited to speak about the concept of plain language and to answer audience questions. (You can hear the episode here.) Kathleen Petty, the host of the show, pointed out that ‘words that confound…