word arrangement used to illustrate plain language

Using Plain Language Is The Least You Can Do: Modern Best Practice

I was asked recently, “Isn’t plain language just best practice?” My response was, “Yes, it is.” Plain language principles have represented best practice in communication since Aristotle taught rhetoric. Aristotle presented rhetoric as a practical tool for persuading a general audience, in order to resolve practical issues. Today, we speak about Aristotle’s rhetoric and plain language…

A woman looking at her computer with a RBF (resting bitch face).

“RBF”: Women and Workplace Issues

In the world of LOL, NSFW, and ICYMI, you might think that a new abbreviation wouldn’t attract much attention, let alone provoke a discussion of how women are viewed in the workplace. But not long ago, I heard a term in a CBC interview that not only took me aback, it also made me laugh.…

How Not to Waste Your Reader's Time

How Not to Waste Your Reader’s Time

Contrary to popular belief that we write less now, because of our reliance on digital technology and our obsession with social media, we are actually writing more. We use the written world to socialize and engage more extensively with others, via Facebook, Twitter, texting, etc. [http://www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/a-new-literacy]. Language and literacy are thriving, not suffering. Although texting…