Scrabble-type letter tiles spell out the words English, Langauge, Speak, Learn. Used to illustrate the concept of Why Improving Employee ESL Skills is Good Business.

Why Improving Employee ESL Skills is Good Business

The other day I received an email message from a businessman, who is not a native English speaker. He included the following disclaimer after his signature, “Please apologize any spelling mistakes as this message was sent from my mobile phone.” Clearly, this disclaimer is not a solution to his English communication problem; it’s more a…

A post it note with the words "Keep it Simple". To illustrate the advice in the blog post about writing for business.

Writing for Business: 5 Tips to Keep it Simple

I wasn’t surprised when I read an article recently saying that our culture is going through a “forgiveness moment.” Lately, it seems every time I hear the news there is someone — a politician, a media figure, a religious leader —apologizing for something. For instance, there was former CBC journalist Evan Solomon apologizing for using…