A Venn diagram that shows the intersection of customers, staff and shareholders

Why You Need Plain Language

Harvard Business School professor Robert Simons asks: “How Do Your Core Values Prioritize Shareholders, Employees, And Customers? Along with identifying a primary customer, you must also define your core values in a way that ranks the priority of shareholders, employees, and customers. Value statements that are lists of aspirational behaviors aren’t good enough. Real core…

word arrangement used to illustrate plain language

Using Plain Language Is The Least You Can Do: Modern Best Practice

I was asked recently, “Isn’t plain language just best practice?” My response was, “Yes, it is.” Plain language principles have represented best practice in communication since Aristotle taught rhetoric. Aristotle presented rhetoric as a practical tool for persuading a general audience, in order to resolve practical issues. Today, we speak about Aristotle’s rhetoric and plain language…


Clarity Is Impressive

“The costs of specialization: architects build to impress other architects; models are thin to impress other models; academics write to impress other academics; filmmakers try to impress other filmmakers; painters impress art dealers; but authors who write to impress book editors tend to fail.” ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb   Do not write to impress Writing…