The Language Lab prides itself on the results it achieves for its clients. Its services therefore include the kind of personal attention that only individual coaching provides. For the fast tracker who thrives on guidance, for the person who needs the focus, and for the executive who needs the attention, The Language Lab offers Writing Coaching That Works, a time-tested and proven course in mastering business writing skills.

ONLY $2,100.00


Through a series of tailored assignments and one-to-one mentoring The Language Lab can achieve desired outcomes for both native English speakers and Second Language Learners. It takes approximately two months of one hour telephone, face-to-face, Skype conferencing sessions, plus assignments. There are no manuals, CDs or DVDs to purchase in order to complete this course.

  • Assignments are designed to fit the schedules of busy executives
  • Coaching and mentoring are personalized to respond to specific organizational needs, with one-to-one feedback
  • The level of support is designed to meet specific needs
  • Programs are sequenced in two-month periods, allowing sufficient time to learn necessary skills
  • Assignments are context based
  • The Language Lab has a proven track record creating programs for international and national clients in a variety of sectors



There are three types of learning activities in Writing Coaching That Works:

The Writer’s Workshop (text-based writing exercises)
Requires correcting a faulty document, responding to a specific scenario or correcting a set of sentences or short paragraphs. Assignments are tailored to fit a business context and the particular writing needs of a participant. One-to-one oral and written feedback is provided. Download the lesson, complete it, and upload it to The Language Lab for assessment and correction.

The Grammar Checkup
 (multiple choice exercises)

  • Multiple-choice assignments focus on grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, punctuation and style.
  • Reinforce concepts learned in the Writer’s Workshop.

Personal Day-to-Day Communication Assignments

Two types of activities that focus on personal communication:

  • Editing and feedback for personal day-to-day communications provided by the Language Lab Writing Coach
  • Assignments that incorporate a participant’s personal communication



$2,100 is the cost for ten one-hour face-to-face sessions, and/or telephone and Skype conference sessions over a period of two months. There are no other charges or expenses to take this course. The Language Lab requires full payment in advance.Click the Buy Now button to begin.