For the executive, the senior administrator, or the fast-tracker looking for highly personalized attention, this one-to-one coaching course is the solution. Face-to-face, online, telephone, and Skype conferencing sessions are tailored to fit busy individual schedules.

This 10 one-hour sessions course will hone your diverse writing and presentation skills to ensure you master the art of business communication. Our practice over time approach reinforces high impact learning guaranteeing lasting outcomes.

ONLY $2,100.00

What Will You Learn?

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Transform your communication so it reflects best practices and organizational needs
  • Know how to fine tune oral and written communication to influence and persuade
  • Ensure that communications are designed to engage multiple audiences
  • Create content that reflects clarity, concision, and impact
  • Understand key cultural/business differences in communicating with colleagues, clients, and team members
  • Design image based PPT presentations that inspire and motivate audiences
  • Differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate content and tone
  • Apply what you learn to your daily communication

The course is designed to accommodate both native and non-native English speakers, who wish to accelerate their business communications to achieve expertise. The one-to-one sessions and high-level feedback are tailored to your needs.

There are two types of short learning activities that provide practice over time, one-to-one feedback, and that reinforce learning.

  1. Personalized Day-to-Day Communication Assignments
    • Assignments that incorporate a participant’s personal communication
    • Editing and feedback for personal day-to-day communication by writing coach
  2. Access to The Language Lab Course assignments
    • Business scenario diverse, text-based assignments
    • Multiple-choice language and grammar assignments

You’ll also get the following.

  • One-to-one personalized feedback from a live person for each assignment
  • Extra assistance if you need it
  • Weekly reminders
  • A certificate and a detailed assessment on completion

You’ll be able to:

  • Better understand your personal communication style and its impact
  • Deepen your expertise and drive immediate impact with new approaches
  • Compose communications that are audience and culturally appropriate
  • Write and present more powerful, persuasive, and precise diverse business communications
  • Apply what you learned to do your day-to-day communication
  • Think about your audience before you

Here’s How to get Started

Sign Up Now for our unique Writing Coaching That Works course and fine-tune your written and oral communication skills in a highly personalized learning environment for only $2,100.00!

Client Testimonials

“The course helped me to write confidently, use correct grammar, adopt a clear and concise writing style, organize information in a logical sequence, tailor your presentation or report to your audience.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your help in making me a more confident presenter. Although, I know I am not already there, I believe I made significant improvement on my presentation skills while working with you.”



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