In the fast-paced world of the 21st century, grammar and style have given way to speed and convenience. Unfortunately, business doesn’t operate that way and still requires effective communication for success. Professionals, from lawyers presenting to courts, to researchers presenting to boards, to business people presenting to prospects, all need to demonstrate these skills to give their audiences confidence in them and their organizations. Improve your confidence and gain mastery of concepts through clear, targeted, audience-focused communication. Learn what matters in grammar and style and know how to transform your writing so that it reflects best practice.

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Advanced Grammar and Style for Professionals is an entirely online course. It takes approximately 10 weeks, assuming a minimum of one exercise per week. Each exercise takes 20-30 minutes, depending on skill levels. By completing exercises this way (and using them at work before moving to the next one), the participant gets the benefit of Practice Over Time. There are no manuals, CDs or DVDs to purchase in order to complete this course. The course is self directed and on demand. Participants can begin at any time. Advanced Grammar and Style for Professionals is designed to improve these skills:

  • Identify and correct grammatical problems in your writing
  • Structure sentences created for audience appeal
  • Ensure that punctuation, e.g. semi-colons, dashes are used correctly
  • Differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate content
  • Create content with clarity, precision and concision
  • Eliminate clichés, jargon, colloquialisms, and offensive constructions



There are two types of learning activities in Advanced Grammar and Style for Professionals:

The Writer’s Workshop (text-based writing exercises)
Download the lesson, complete it, and upload it to The Language Lab for assessment and correction. Where one to one feedback is appropriate, a Language Lab editor will e-mail comments to the participant.

  • Five assignments that deal with grammar and style problems
  • Focus is on identifying, correcting and improving writing

Two types of assignments:

  1. Correct a faulty document
  2. Compose a communication in response to a scenario

The Grammar Checkup (multiple choice exercises)

Exercises take place online, and feedback is provided automatically after every answer.

  • Five multiple-choice assignments that deal with grammar rules & usage, punctuation
  • Focus is on correct grammar, sentence structure, punctuation
  • Topics include writing concisely, precise language, word usage, subject/verb agreement, misplaced and dangling modifiers, who versus that or which.



$499 for a 10 assignment course is the total cost for Advanced Grammar and Style for Professionals. There are no other charges or expenses to take this course. The course itself can be taken any time, and is available 24/7. The Language Lab requires full payment via Paypal. To begin, Click the Buy Now button to begin.