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What Our Clients Are Saying…

  • As a native French speaker moving to Toronto for my job, I had trouble expressing myself clearly in my emails and in my other written documents. My private lessons with Dr. Sandra Folk not only helped me improve my grammar and syntax, it helped me to structure my thoughts and target my writing to reach my audience. In only a few months, I was able to transition from being barely able to write a correct sentence to being able to write persuasively.
    Philippe – Innovation Manager
  • Overall the workshop provided useful insights and served as a very useful “refresher” of workplace communication issues and concepts. Additionally, the material was enthusiastically delivered and I appreciated the facilitator’s interactive style.
    Christine – Financial Advisor
  • I always learn from feedback and it has made me more conscious when I am writing and sending emails.
    Karen – Municipal Government
  • I really liked the opportunity to complete this course on-line. I also appreciated the consistent format of assignments (written, alternating with multiple choice). My biggest challenge was dedicating sufficient time to review the material, submit my best efforts, and make appropriate time to review the feedback.
    Brenda – Project Manager Finance
  • Feedback was very professional and detailed and focused on most important mistakes I usually make in writing.
    Tatiana – Legal & Policy Specialist
  • I enjoyed the course and took a lot out of it. The practice of proper form for letter writing, attention to use of commas and misplaced modifiers was especially helpful. Thank you for your positive feedback and for copying my managers!
    Tim – Leasing and Commercial Real Estate

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The Language Lab Difference

Half-day seminars, one day workshops, and CD-ROMs have near zero staying power. The scientific literature continually reaffirms that Practice Over Time is by far the most efficient, effective, and lasting way to learn. At The Language Lab, we offer courses over 10 weeks.

The Language Lab Difference

Our online business (and ESL) writing courses permit participants to build on and reinforce what they have learned. Plus, The Language Lab’s staff of real professionals actually assesses written assignments and returns them to participants, themselves.This personal coaching makes all the difference in the world. It’s the reason The Language Lab’s customers claim 80% improvements – in time saved, in cycles shortened, in successful communications.

“Our online business (and ESL) writing courses permit participants to build on and reinforce what they have learned.”

If you’ve already tried other methods, you will appreciate the online business writing, communication, presentation and e-mail courses that The Language Lab has been perfecting since 2004. Our business is to make you effective and beyond criticism. Don’t let sloppy language keep you from making the deal, getting the promotion, or even being invited! Knowing how to address people, how to call a meeting, how to compose a proposal, how to structure a presentation or detail a PowerPoint are all covered in our online courses.

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