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Half-day seminars and one-day workshops have near zero staying power when it comes to improving your business communication long-term. Without practice and consistent reinforcement, people typically forget a high percentage of what they learn, within the first couple of days. Unlike one day workshops, the Language Lab offers online Business English courses that allow you to practice and to improve your business communication over time.

Our Unique Approach to Improved Business Communication & Grammar

At The Language Lab our unique Business English courses ensure that you improve your business communication skills and you bring your expertise to the next level.  Whatever specific area of business communication you would like to improve, we have a targeted course to help. All our courses provide the following well established standards of learning to ensure long- term retention (or success):

  • Practice over time with 10 weekly sessions
  • One-to-one feedback from an experienced coach
  • More than just training, we personally mentor and coach each of our clients

The Language Lab Difference

The Language Lab courses allow you to master the art of professional communication using our unique 3 guiding principle approach to writing and speaking:

  1. Know Your Purpose/Your Goal
  2. Understand & Research Your Audience
  3. Choose Your Words Carefully

Our online business writing, ESL, and grammar courses will also teach you how to be precise, powerful, and persuasive, in your personal and business communications. Our personal coaching techniques ensure that students see a reported 80% improvement in their language skills. As well, they acquire long-term improved communication techniques that are retained well after the completion of the courses.

The Language Lab courses will empower you to master the art of professional communication using our unique 3 guiding principles approach to writing and to speaking. Contact us today and find out how we can help you make a great sales pitch, master that upcoming presentation or even get that second interview.

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Business Writing Courses & Writing Skills Training

What Our Clients Are Saying…

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your help in making me a more confident presenter. Although, I know I am not already there (e.g. my voice was still a little shaky at today’s presentation, as I think I forgot to breath more slowly and  take some small breaks for deep breathing), I believe I made significant improvement on my presentation skills while  working with  you. You are a great coach for people like me and  It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks again,
  • Sandra is a great writing coach.  She has helped to make my writing more powerful, effective, and focused on my audience. Her weekly feedback was always presented in a positive way which helped motivate me to improve. I would definitely recommend her to other business professionals looking to enhance their written communication skills.
  • I thoroughly enjoy working with Sandra and I always look forward to our sessions. I have improved my ability and understanding of how to put myself in the shoes of my recipients and to capture their attention. I have learned how to structure communication for readability and to express my thoughts clearly and concisely. Sandra would stop at nothing to help me achieve my goals. And I appreciate her creativity, thoughtfulness and honest feedback and her extraordinary ability to understand content in a field unfamiliar to her. I highly recommend Sandra and the Language Lab for improving communication skills.
    A. R.
  • The Language Lab has provided me with the necessary skills that have helped me improve my writing. I am now much more confident when writing business correspondence, and I owe it all to my great instructor.  Her method of training was both creative, and challenging. I would not hesitate in recommending the Language Lab to anyone hoping to make self improvement.
  • As a native French speaker moving to Toronto for my job, I had trouble expressing myself clearly in my emails and in my other written documents. My private lessons with Dr. Sandra Folk not only helped me improve my grammar and syntax, it helped me to structure my thoughts and target my writing to reach my audience. In only a few months, I was able to transition from being barely able to write a correct sentence to being able to write persuasively.
    Philippe – Innovation Manager
  • While not a terrible writer, it was identified that my writing skills were holding me back from career advancement.  Simple email communications and reports included basic errors and lacked clarity.  Through one-on-one coaching sessions, Sandra was able to quickly identify exactly what was required to advance my skills.  I now have I have a set of strategies for writing and clear goals when reviewing my work, which have helped tremendously. I was also very impressed as the program was very practical and centered on my writing specifically.  We spent many hours writing, reviewing and re-working documents that I had produced.  She also did a great job of balancing the work by providing assignments through the Language Lab Website. Again these assignments were focused and provided me with specific lessons. I was especially grateful that Sandra came directly to my office and was able to work around my busy schedule. She even had no problem re-scheduling meetings on short notice.   I was very happy with the results and would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their writing.

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